Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning Service

Clearing a clogged drain is generally a quick, affordable and easy process, and pricing will usually depend on how thick or serious the clog actually is. In most cases, our plumbers typically are able to unclog everything by using a snake to clean the drain. Our prices may also vary based on the drain location, as there can be a big difference in accessibility when comparing clogged kitchen drains and clogged bathroom drains to, say, a backed-up laundry drain.

A seriously clogged drain in need of cleaning may not always be fixed by using a snake on the drain. At times we need to clear the buildup with a high pressure water jet to remove the stoppage and grease. It’s important that your plumber discusses your options and properly diagnoses the severity of the clog to determine the most effective and lasting fix for your drain.

If more than one drain line is clogged, it usually points to a stoppage in your main sewer line. Clearing a blocked sewer line is a task that is a little more time consuming and can become quite the conundrum in older homes. With main line stoppages, we can use our state of the art sewer line camera inspection to locate the exact location of the stoppage to determine the best route for repair.

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