Tankless Electric Water Heater

Are you considering converting your tank-style water heater to a tankless version? There are certainly several great reasons to upgrade your storage tank-style water heater with a tankless version. We have found that when clients are interested in converting their water heater to a tankless one, the most relevant reasons are space saving, never running out of hot water, and having hot water on demand.

Space saving is usually at the top of the list.

As water heaters have improved in energy efficiency, the size and cost of tank-style water heaters has increased. Many homeowners find themselves in the predicament of buying tank-style water heaters that no longer fit in confined spaces, so they end up looking for space-saving alternatives instead. Space savings for clients means more room for other things in the areas of the home where you traditionally find water heaters, such as garages or closets.

Endless amounts of hot water are another perk of converting to a tankless water heater.

Storage tank-style units are sized by gallon capacity, the most common size for residential homes being 40 and 50 gallon tanks. These tank sizes are adequate for the majority of standard family homes; however, when a family ends up using multiple plumbing fixtures at once, they quickly discover the limited ability of their water heater. If you find that two people can’t take a shower one after the other, you are likely a great candidate for the endless supply of hot water provided by a tankless water heater.

Hot water “on demand” is another great feature of tankless water heaters.

A tankless unit won’t turn on and use energy until you need it to, as it will begin to heat the water at the moment you turn the handle; for clients concerned with the high cost of heating water all day and night (even when they are not using it), this feature eliminates the need for aftermarket timers. One misconception about tankless water heaters is that you will have instant hot water at your plumbing fixture when it is turned on — this is not the case. The water line from the water heater to the plumbing fixture is still full of cold water, just like it is with a tank-style water heater, and it will still take the same amount of time to get hot water to your plumbing fixture. If you are looking to have instant hot water in your plumbing fixtures, a tankless water heater will not solve this problem. We do have solutions to assist you with this, and are more than happy to discuss options with you to lessen the amount of wasted water that is typical while waiting for hot water to get to a plumbing fixture.
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